Author: Isabelle Yrma Pace

Sup and Lake Garda Trentino

Stand up everybody! And, if standing upright on a board with paddles you are enjoying that enchantment called Garda Trentino, there is no question: you have chosen the most cutting-edge activity! Thanks to it, you’ll feel like traveling an inch from the water practicing a relaxing but also toning sport: Sup, acronym for Stand Up Paddle! Being there waves (so precious for surfers) or dead calm, Garda Trentino is the ideal place for this sport which have been really fashionable lately, but that is actually not so recent as one may think. Already in the far 1778 in fact, once...

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Wild berries risotto

Wild berries (from Drena), honey, Casolèt cheese (a typical DOP cheese from the Sole Valley) and an extraordinary extra virgin olive oil: Uliva, from the Agraria Riva del Garda. This is a top-quality oil, fruit of passion and experience. Its uniqueness led to obtain the highest national and international accolades, as well as several prizes. Here you have a teasing recipe which celebrates many high-quality products from Garda Trentino. Simplicity together with high quality standards has always been a tenet of the Garda Trentino gastronomy, characterised by few elements respecting those traditions which pass down to every new generation....

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Top 5 cycle trails for the bike family

The whisper of the wind brushing your hair, the hot summer breeze gliding through the skin, the screech of the two-wheelers on the tarmac marking the rhythm of cycling holidays! If holidays mean sport, nature and enchanted landscapes to you, Garda Trentino is definitely your ultimate destination! Every kind of bike enthusiasts will find suitable trails or cycle lanes with breathtaking views and glimpses that will stay in your hearth forever and ever. But when it comes to mum, dad and kids setting off, it’s a bit more difficult to organise cycle transfers and trails for the whole family....

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Rock Master Festival 2016 in Arco Lake Garda Trentino

From the 26th of August to the 4th of September 2016 the best of rock climbing will be performed in Arco, a sport in which adrenaline and sweat rule the roost: we are talking about the Rock Master Festival, at its 30th edition this year. It is a date to be saved for many enthusiasts who come to the Garda Trentino area year after year from every corner of the world. Why? To attend a sport show that makes everybody dream thanks to the cliff thrill! This event, full of sweat and pathos, is going to be the perfect...

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If you bump into some sort of giant, while strolling out in search of hidden glimpses, intensely coloured blossomed flowers, views of Lake Garda you have never enjoyed before, don’t be scared. It’s a gentle one! Or better, it’s one of of the FCBayern Basketball Team players working at the summer training camp on the lake shores! That’s right, the players of the famous Bavarian team will spend a week in Garda Trentino, from the 21st to the 26th of August 2016, before the beginning of the new 2016/2017 season scheduled to start at the beginning of October. With your...

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Garda Trentino Now! The Garda Trentino marketplace

4 o’clock in the afternoon. July. I can’t stand it more, so I decide on purchasing a face and body beauty ritual and a lake view tasting dinner. The overwhelming desire to feel made-in-Trentino cuddles on my skin, and to enjoy the amazing landscape of the biggest lake in Italy, tasting local delicacies, is getting more and more burning. With the help of my smartphone I start looking up thousand indistinct offers on the net. But we are women, and we want it all at once, or better, now! It’s precisely at that time that I find out a...

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Music events on Lake Garda Trentino

There are several beaches where it’s possible to chill out kissed by the sun; there are lush mountains and unspoiled woods to stroll out; there are sport activities to keep fit in the open air enjoying the priceless view of Lake Garda. And what about the night? What can we do? Garda Trentino can answer this question satisfactorily, no doubt about that! It will draw you into manyfold special events and days dedicated to music! Notes will be the leitmotif of your life, marking the summer beat! There are really many events you couldn’t say no to. Shall we...

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Rustico Medioevo…living the middle ages in Canale di Tenno

Back…to the past! Actually, the worldwide famous movie by Spielberg was titled “Back to the future”, because the protagonists were sent forward into the future, do you remember it? But as for me, I have always dreamed about going back into past times, instead of getting to know what will happen in the future. Well, the promoters of Rustico Medioevo in Canale di Tenno must have read my mind because the emotions of the Middle Age have been reliving in one of the most amazing hamlets of Garda Trentino for the last 30 years. Here, shows with actors, dancers, minnesingers...

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