East lovers, be ready for it. Garda Trentino is on the point of turning into a big stage of perfumes, colours and sounds.

Two not-to-be-missed events mark out May in Arco: Arco Bonsai and Arco Zen.

Arco Bonsai: colours and perfumes from the Land of the Rising Sun

Let’s start from Arco Bonsai, a not-to-be-missed event for all the green miniature enthusiasts! From the 26th to the 28th April 2018 the Garda Trentino Arcobonsai Club will organise the Arcobonsai Convention, at the Casinò Municipale in Arco and around the public gardens nearby.  

During Arco Bonsai, Arco changes: it leaves out its traditional guise to hold out the visitors all the magic of the colours and perfumes of such an art, the bonsai one, that dates back to a long time ago. You will find some precious natural masterpieces, made with attention to the smallest details (some are even centuries-old!) until succulents or garden trees inside the ArcoFiori Market Exhibition, which comprises the products of the local floriculture.


During the convention, it will be possible to taste the dishes of the great Trentino tradition in one of the several stalls of the Villaggio del Gusto food court. Inside the Villaggio dei Sapori Trentini you will find some typical products instead, from both the agricolture and the breeding: extra virgin olive oil, asparagus, fruit, honey, cheese and cold cuts, flour and much more.

From an extremely beloved Eastern art to another: the East-oriented well-being. We are talking about Arco Zen; from the 11th to the 13th May 2018 in downtown Arco and the surroundings.

The Eastern well-being on the Lake Garda shores

Arco Zen will show its visitors a world made of a great number of different aspects meaningful to the Eastern world: from the holistic sector to the Wellness, from the Movimento Utile (a new discipline that sees the movement as a source of well-being) to the Yoga. And also, Meditation, Dance, Nutrition, the mellow Eastern sounds and the Martial Art exhibitions that has been fascinating both kids and grown-ups all along! There are lots of Eastern elements we love to experience here in the Western world, fusing together both traditions. Thanks to Arco Zen, the Habsburg town will turn into the kingdom of well-being for three days!

ArcoZen and Arco Bonsai: in May, the Eastern world calls and Garda Trentino answers in style! View the pur offers!