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Altogarda inland: a hidden treasure

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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There are some places to which magic can get where words can't, deep in the heart of two people, making them... fall head over heels in love!

Thinking about Garda Trentino, what immediately comes to mind is the stunning lakefront, the enchanted glimpses mirrored in the crystal clear waters, the pleasant walks peering at Italy’s biggest body of freshwater. But Garda Trentino is much more than a lake (splendid, though). The inland strikes both visitors and citizens’ gaze with historic and artistic beauties, lush nature and fascinating signs of the past.

The hidden treasures are some itineraries we would like to suggest you, on the look out for those places you’ll surely love at first sight, but that you maybe would risk on missing out because “hidden”. We are suggesting you a top 5 list of hidden treasures all around the Altogarda inland.

  1. Il Cuore di Dro Itinerary. A few-kilometer-long walk (just 3) discovering downtown Dro up to San Abbondio church, a meeting house locals are particularly devoted to, and where the San Abbondio’s vows continue every year. It is a notably fascinating historical reenactment celebrated in May, followed by the distribution of pan di molche, pasta and beans.

  2. La Via al Castello – Drena Itinerary. Drena castle is one of the most beautiful signs of the past all over Trentino. To get there, the route is really stunning: a long “Roman road” used since the Middle Ages, 2 kilometers of pure pleasure to the impressive Drena castle, from which you could enjoy a beautiful view!

  3. I Terrazzamenti Agricoli – Tenno Itinerary. A two-kilometer path to the splendid lush farming terracing in Tenno, among the wonderful hamlets of Cologna and the several historical capitals, the medieval Frapporta hamlet until reaching the lush farming terracing in the Tenno area. With passion and sweat, the farmers have turned these places into astonishing lands, fruitful and wonderfully productive.

  4. I Segreti del Fiume Itinerary. A 8-kilometer-long pleasant walk along River Sarca between Ceniga and Arco. On foot or by bike, you can’t definitely miss out this route! You will pass over a Roman bridge, notice the San Paolo retreat (nestled in the mountain rocks!), the water supply point in Malapreda (Arco was one of the first towns to have a water lightning system in the Austro-Hungarian Empire period!) and eventually a Calchera, that is a kiln to produce lime from the burning of limestone rocks the area is rich in.

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  5. Dalla Storia alla Natura Incontaminata – Drena Itinerary. A 5-kilometer route (one being a footpath) starting from Drena castle and getting to the Open Air Gallery, where the fusion of works of art and unspoiled nature creates a synergic and perfect harmony.

Do you still think Garda Trentino is only about the lake? Its history, culture, art and nature will leave you jaw-dropping once again, be sure about that. “The only rule of travel is: don’t come back the way you went. Come back changed.” This was how Anne Carson stated about itineraries and travels. Garda Trentino gives you a unique chance to do that, believe it!

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