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Agraria Riva del Garda: a place to taste

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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The colours, perfumes and flavours of a place can jazz up emotions and memories. In Agraria Riva del Garda you will live a delicious journey in the journey with the products of North Lake Garda Trentino.

Agraria Riva del Garda

More than a supermarket, more than a grocery. Agraria Riva del Garda is a Rural Store full of passion for the territory and for the indestructible and never-ending traditions. Every day, their staff suggest the best local products and new recipes to intensify their natural flavours and create delicacies for you and your guests.

A journey to North Lake Garda Trentino uniqueness

A regular and innovative enhancement of all products putting the accent on their natural organoleptic features. In Agraria Riva del Garda they pay a lot of attention to the history and culture of the local food and wine excellences and protect them from the flow of time.

The classic will live forever: Carne Salada, the real excellence of North Lake Garda Trentino

Agraria Riva del Garda: a place to taste Food and wine

Let’s start our heady trip from a timeless classic: Carne Salada. (Here you can discover all the secrets to prepare the raw savoury meat and of De.co brand link interno).
In Agraria they sell the raw savoury meat produced by Macelleria Bertoldi and their staff will serve you and reveal their – almost unknown – secret based on the originality of tradition and the top quality of the raw material.

The first written reference on Carne Salada date back to 1515 In Castello di Tenno, where they say they created the process to produce this uniqueness made in North Lake Garda Trentino. Believe us: just one bite to fell in love with.

The Bertoldis explain the procedure: take the rump, remove the fatty parts and the nerves, age it then pickle it in a mix of spices – salt, pepper, laurel, rosemary and garlic – in specific containers for three weeks, well-pressed. Easy, isn’t it?!

And eating it is even easier! Raw on fresh rocket or grilled with its classic side dish: the “fasoi” (beans).

It doesn’t matter the recipe: you’ll eat an extraordinary dish you can find here only.

The surprising product: a pesto of… Broccoli from Torbole

Just a pesto sauce, you may think.

It’s not! The primary element is unique.

The broccoli of Torbole, a Slow Food presidium, have exclusive features. They grow it on a tiny plot from the banks of Sarca river, at Linfano di Arco, to Torbole sul Garda. Thanks to the mild wind, this flower – it looks like a wonderful summer flower – gets a unique flavour.

Few kilometres for a top-quality product with high organoleptic features. Agraria succeeded in making it a pesto by mixing extra-virgin oil, pine seeds and walnuts… and the proper cooking time. You can find the pesto with Broccolo di Torbole in “Corte del Tipico” labelled products.

Oil like wine

Agraria Riva del Garda: a place to taste Food and wine

There’s no other extra-virgin oil produced more north than North Lake Garda Trentino’s, but you already knew. (Click here for further information). Anyway, you may not know that the oil by Agraria Riva del Garda wins several contests every year being one of the most valuable oils all over the world. The oil from Lake Garda – sometimes wrongfully judged as delicate and light – does not fear the comparison with the oils from Tuscany, Puglia and other Italian regions. In fact, over the years they have awarded it “one of the best oils of Italy”.

Agraria Riva del Garda: a place to taste Food and wine

As Massimo Fia, Director General of Agraria Riva del Garda, explained us, the quality of this oil depends on the Casaliva olive, a top-quality species that Agraria managed to keep unvaried over the years. Another peculiarity is the very strict growing method dictated by the D.O.P. Garda Trentino procedure guideline – one of the first or perhaps the first D.O.P. on oil: at least the 80% of olives must be Casaliva. Not only. To make this oil that refined, Agraria has adopted the same techniques used in the wine production: only when the olives are perfectly ripe, they can harvest them. Thanks to these wise strategies, the oil smells of fresh grass and has the right and unique degree of spiciness!

But it’s not enough. In Agraria they go beyond the product – after a deep study on their packaging, the bottles have a new elegant styling. You can choose Uliva – the top of the line – with a black & white packaging; 46° parallelo in blue, white and green to show the different typologies; Imperiale with its strong Hapsburg look and others.


Agraria is a source of surprises! After the pesto sauce, other fresh news are available in their store in Riva del Garda. Just one example: Peperò, a seasoning composed of extra-virgin oil with red-hot chilli pepper from Trentino! Fresh and spicy, it does not conceal the other local products’ flavours. It is perfect on salads, freshwater fish or – why not? – the raw savoury meat (Carne salada).

Agraria Riva del Garda: a place to taste Food and wine

Furthermore, Ulidea, the olive-based seasoning from Uliva line. A refined dressing made of a selection of chopped black olives grown by Agraria and Alfio Ghezzi, starred-chef of Locanda Margon.

Agraria Riva del Garda: a place to taste Food and wine

These are the news and the classics Agraria Riva del Garda offered us, but we know there is much to discover is this incredible place.

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