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The adventure Awarsds days come to an end but Adam (Ondra, editor’s note) doesn’t stop blowing our mind

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
adam ondra lago di garda
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At the end of the Adventure Awards Days, we discover Adam Ondra as a real champion, both as a man and a climbing champion!

If you want something you have never had, do something you have never done.

With this slogan exalting courage and action, the Adventure Awards Days round off. During this Italian adventure and exploration festival we have appreciated the Garda Trentino climbing ambassador Adam Ondra defying himself and his strength in many occasions!

What comes out is a competitive and humane Adam. A real champion not only with harness and rope but also..standing upright, with his feet on the ground! Cooing over Adam climbing with great vigor (watching him it seems the easiest thing on earth… it “seems”!) has been a great pleasure for us all who spent Saturday, the 1st of October at the Pueblo cliff in Massone, near the Bosco Caproni oolite mines (Arco).

We appreciated the Czech champion climbing and trying to connect 3 pre-existing routes, with a total amount of 50 meters on a 9A+ level. Adam wasn’t able to finish the route (he lost the handhold exactly during the last move), but he will try it again and we are ready to wait for him open arms! But there wasn’t only time for him as an athlete. During Saturday afternoon, on Piazzale Segantini, we also appreciated his human side when the climber told about himself all-around, since the beginning when, enfant prodige, he climbed this first 9A+ cliff until the recent victories in Paris. And if you think Adam is only devoted to his training sessions… you are definitely wrong! Last June he even graduated! As it is said, mens sana in corpore sano!

And so, we are at Saturday evening: there was the presentation of the video shot by Heinz Zak, one of the climbing forerunners and valued photographer nowadays, and the Best Adventurer prize for Adam Ondra! A proper… Adventure Night, when Adam has emerged as a man, with his passions, discipline, mind, desire and talent!


Sunday morning was indeed dedicated to the winners of the contest connected to the Adam Ondra Tour: coming from Zürich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Munich, the winners visited the Rock Master face and the Policromuro cliff in Massone together with Adam . He gave them some technical advice about how to challenge the overhanging faces, for instance. A unique experience!


The last weekend was the last one with Adam Ondra in 2016, but the partnership between Garda Trentino and the Czech champion has been confirmed! Follow us to find out all the 2017 events; during these months you will have time enough to train and challenge Adam by ropes, hooks and sweat!

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