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A woman holiday on Lake Garda Trentino

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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A small group of women and one and only dream: a holiday with friends. A woman holiday on Lake Garda, where you will dream of not going back amid many sports, as gentle as a lakefront walk and as fast-paced as downhill, some great shopping sessions and a lot of relaxing days lying in the sun!

Leave it all for a dream destination. Where to? In Garda Trentino, of course.

And what about leaving with a group of friends? If you really want to take a break from your husbands, boyfriends and kids (although the “good” mums will check everything from their mobiles!) or experience the woman empathy, there’s nothing better than spending few days with your best friend or with the group of your former schoolmates in a peaceful and relaxing place. But that’s not all: you may also have great fun thanks to the thousand opportunities you have of practicing outdoor sports only an area like Garda Trentino can offer you.

“Pink” ideas to have fun on Lake Garda with your friends

Cut romanticism, on a holiday with friends we first expect a whole day of total and sacrosanct relaxation!

What about a great day at the spa? An energising massage made by skillful hands can really bring you back to life and help you relaxing. Garda Thermae, Lido Palace, Liberty: there are a lot of facilities ready to offer you their beauty treatments, massages or some energising time in the outdoor swimming pools, where peacefully sunbathing as well.

Shopping & co.

Admittedly, shopping is better without men around. You won’t need to get worried because you’ve forgotten the “victim” for many hours waiting for you outside.

In Garda Trentino, shopping is really for everybody. In the historical town centers of Riva del Garda, Arco, Torbole, among the alleys and the squares, you’ll meet some refined historic boutiques with top brands, tiny shops of every kind, craft and antique workshops, art galleries and shops selling the typical local products. Those of you who love sports can’t miss a stroll to Arco as well, where you’ll find lots of shops for the outdoor sports.

Relaxing in the open air

After all, what’s better than chatting with your best friends? And what if you got some tan while chewing the fat? That’s perfect! The beaches in Garda Trentino offer stretches of pebbles and some crystal clear waters that have mild temperatures even in autumn. On sunny days, lying on the beach chatting and laughing is a pure pleasure! Or what about drinking some good aperitivos with your friends? Sipping some drinks or good local wine tasting some tidbits before dinner is an excellent holiday therapy!

A woman holiday on Lake Garda Trentino Autumn Spring Summer Tips Winter

Sports and fun

Woe betide you if you think a holiday with friends means only relaxation. What better time to (finally) devote yourself to some invigorating outdoor sports? You are not asked to climb Mount Everest, we are talking about planning some bike tours, a day out sailing or practicing stand up paddle surfing, or also some hiking. All these activities characterise an exciting and energising woman adventure. What about the Busatte-Tempesta footpath, for example? The very panoramic steps that help crossing the most arduous parts will leave you out of breath because of the physical effort and… of the amazing view on Lake Garda.

Bike Park Garda Trentino

Who said that women can only practice the calm and not fast-paced sports? Do you know that our ambassador for a super thrilling sport like downhill is nobody else than the champion Eleonora Farina? Would you like to train where she used to train? So, Bike Park Garda Trentino is the place for you. The fast and spectacular Val del Diaol (dialect for Devil’s Valley) and the brand new 601 way are waiting for you. Maybe you won’t be as good as Eleonora, but the emotions will be unforgettable!

A woman holiday on Lake Garda Trentino Autumn Spring Summer Tips Winter

Eleonora Farina ambassador Lake Garda Trentino

Anyway, Garda Trentino means also culture, with worth-visiting museums and churches; food and wine specialities, with pubs and bars where sipping some great cocktails, maybe overlooking the lake. There are also lots of opportunities for some diversion and fun, giving further emotions to a woman trip Women’s Day could be a perfect excuse! Now, you only need to pack your stuff. Although the best gift is this, after all: giving yourself a holiday together with your best friends.

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