We could define it ” four-legged tourism”! And in Garda Trentino it’s already reality.

When a “furry” friend joins a family, it becomes a fully-fledged official member and also the holidays become pet-friendly.

In the northern tip of Lake Garda there are lots of facilities animals can enter, of beaches where Rover is accepted (bau beaches) and of places where having fun with the new family member.

Here the dogs are well accepted because, when an animal joins a family, it becomes its focus! And the four-legged friends are really welcome all over Garda Trentino!

Hotels, campsites and vacation rentals offer hospitality and tailor-made services “for an unstressed holiday together with Rover” Some 80 hotels in the Altogarda area are ready to make pets and owners feel at home, as well as 27 residences and tourist accommodation.


In Garda Trentino you will meet some unspoilt natural environs where spending your holidays together with your dog. Meadows and woods where strolling around freely and cooling down during the hot summer time, as well as several restaurants where the dogs are welcome also for lunch and dinner, where you will taste the local tidbits and the typical products.



The dog-friendly holidays on Lake Garda are perfect also thanks to the BAU BEACHES. In Torbole there is an accessible beach (dogs kept on a leash and swimming forbidden in the Conca d’Oro area). In addition, on Lake Tenno, on the Sarca River and all around the Ledro Valley there are some beaches, called Bau Beaches indeed, where you will enjoy the serenity of nature and make your four-legged friends have fun.

In Riva del Garda there are some dog off-leash areas as well: in Via Sudermann (from Viale Carducci), Mount Brione (from Porto San Nicolò), and the Parco della Pace (across from the bus station).

Staying in the open air together with your dogs is undoubtedly lots of fun. The curious and attentive gaze of our furry friend makes us looking at and conceiving our holiday from another point of view: a gaze which is maybe more careful towards the nature and the surrounding beauty. And reminding us that a four-legged holiday is much more than a holiday. It’s an opportunity to look into our inner self, and a sharing moment with our friend.

The long strolls with Rover appreciating the natural splendors, the fresh waters of Lake Garda, Lake Ledro and the Sarca River make us feel at one with ourselves (and keep Rover busy as well!).

Have a look here to find out where going to the beach with the furry friend and all the rules to take our four-legged friend on buses and ferries. Remember that here you will also meet some excellent vets, just in case.

Personally, I love the river BAU BEACH (and dog area) on the River Sarca, behind the sport ground (you can access it from the cycle route).

Lots of stones, the slow river flowing surrounded by trees help us reflect on our life. But not Rover. He brings us back to reality with his cheerful snout. Playing fetch with a small branch, he adds value to our holiday on Lake Garda. (Foto di Hippy sul Sarca).