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A long-life dream. Getting married at Garda Trentino.

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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A fairytale place. Garda Trentino is perfect to celebrate the most beautiful day of your life - your wedding.

There is a place in Italy suspended between dream and reality. It is called Lake Garda Trentino and here, among enchanting views, romantic glimpses and the scent of the Mediterranean, the most beautiful day of your life will seem like pages of a novel. 

Getting married on Lake Garda. The most beautiful wedding locations are in Trentino.

“Your dream begins here” and it couldn’t be any other way. The Garda Trentino region is full of pure romance, poetic panoramas, pink sunsets that gently kiss the mountains around the lake. Could you imagine a sweeter place to say “I will”? 
Actually, there are many places in Garda Trentino. We’ll suggest you five. In each of them – we assure you – love is in the air!

  • Casino in Arco. A very elegant building that was once the meeting place of the Central European nobility who gathered here to enjoy the healthy air of Arco, its splendid palaces and the Mediterranean climate enclosed in a wonderful alpine setting. In Arco there are also other beautiful locations where you can get married, but if you want to celebrate your most beautiful day feeling like Sissi and Franz in the Casino’s Party Hall, dance a waltz with your sweetheart. In the splendid veranda, you can take souvenir photos with the perched Castle of Arco as a backdrop.
  •  Church of Sant’Andrea-Torbole. It dominates from above on a hill. The view is breathtaking and celebrating the “yes” day in this beautiful church will make you feel really close to heaven! The oldest document that remembers this church dates back to 1175 – it was only a small chapel already dedicated to the fisherman Saint elected patron saint by the villagers who lived, in fact, of fishing. As it grew richer and richer, it has become the splendid church it is today. It can be reached after facing two long staircases that climb up from the historic center of Torbole, a charming village of Garda Trentino, one of the most beautiful of the entire lake and looks like a building in late Baroque style but retains traces of the extensions and changes of previous centuries. Here, your wedding will be blessed by the Patron Saint and… by the beauty all around! In Nago and Torbole you will find fairytale locations for an “I will” kissed by beauty!
  • Chiesa dell’Inviolata – Riva del Garda. The most important baroque church in Trentino is in the beautiful Riva del Garda. Built in 1603 and consecrated thirty years later as a place of pilgrimage for its tabernacle considered miraculous, this special church with a square plan outside and an octagonal plan inside, has five altars, three doors, a vaulted area with frescoes and stuccoes, carved wood confessionals and marble floors. A truly sacred wedding! Take a look at all the most beautiful places in Riva del Garda where you can join your souls forever! 
  • Castle of Drena. Crenellated walls, an imposing tower and a “lunar” landscape. So many peculiarities for this fortress of undisputed charm. Getting married here (link) will really make all brides feel like princesses. Whether it’s inside the imposing walls or outside on the vow, this castle will make your special day eternal. The photo book will smell of history and beauty. There is a wonderful view of the surrounding greenery and the desert of the “marocche”, a unique setting that will make the wedding day even more special.
  • Tenno. Get married in one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, Canale di Tenno at Casa degli Artisti “Giacomo Vittone” where you can celebrate your most beautiful day inside or in the panoramic outdoor garden. If you prefer a more classic location, choose the Town Hall of Tenno, the historic building where history is the protagonist. In Tenno and in the small medieval village of Canale, your wedding will be sealed by eternity, the same eternity that reigns supreme here and gently marks the rhythm of the day. 
  • The beach. Imagine an immense lake kissed by high mountains, sunny days and Mediterranean climate. What if the location of your wedding is the beach of Lake Garda? Gorgeous, super panoramic and super romantic especially at sunset! A rite blessed by mother nature and immersed in its beauty. 

And after having consecrated the union, let’s celebrate! At Garda Trentino you will find many different kinds of restaurants to give life to wild parties with friends and relatives. A long toast, a delicious cake, a heart filled with joy and a lot of love. What more could you wish for? All that’s left for us to do is to exclaim: “Best wishes!”

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