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A legendary fairy tale. Sandokan will be in Riva del Garda

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Shivers, sea, magic, hidden treasures and the most romantic love story. Sandokan will be in Riva del Garda for the most fabulous night of the year!

The most fabulous night of the year. Adults and children are waiting for it. This year, from 29th August to 1st September 2019 the charming India and the suggestive Malaysia will get to Riva del Garda like a breath of fresh and exotic air.

The Notte di Fiaba is the most awaited event of Garda Trentino. Every year hundreds of children, fairy tale enthusiasts and dreamers come to Riva del Garda to live it… it is such an unforgettable experience!

Last year the protagonist was Ariel the Mermaid but this year’s event is dedicated to Sandokan, the young pirate known as the Tiger of Malaysia.

Salgari’s famous tale, “The Tigers of Mompracem” written in 1900, will conquer Riva del Garda and remind us the romantic love story between Sandokan and Marianna.

All the news of 2019’s Fairy Tale Night.

2019’s Fairy Tale Night will make you feel the power of the valiant love. Here’s a preview!

Shows and narration, workshops and games, music, delicious food and entertaining activities for your kids to dive into fantasy with the pirate!

The Lupus in fabula company will accompany you to the most suggestive places of Riva, from the beginning to the happy end of the fairy tale.

This year’s big news will be the attention paid to the climate condition, the plasticfree Fairy Tale Night. “There is no Plan(et) B” is the motto for the Fairy Tale Night for an environmental-friendly event. Aluminium water bottle will replace the plastic bottles and the visitors will receive a map showing all the fountains to fill them up with no-limits fresh water!

A legendary fairy tale. Sandokan will be in Riva del Garda Events Most Popular Articles

Here are all the scheduled events

  • 2 exhibitions: “5 Notti – 5 fiabe” at Casa degli Artisti in Canale di Tenno and “Le tigri della Malesia” to discover the MAG (learn more? Give a look here);
  • the usual and unusual market in Viale Dante, the shopping road of Riva!
  • food truck in Viale Roma and Gnam! the Gusto village at the extraordinary Parco della Rocca;
  • 20 “journeys to the fairy tale”, a real and touring fairy tale! This theatre show will have some special stops all around the village to tell the story for about one hour and a half. You can buy the tickets from August 1st!
  • new location for the escape room;
  • many stories, many shows and musicals;
  • workshops and games in Piazza Tre Novembre or in the internal courtyard of the Rocca;
  • live music, silent disco and dj set;

– workshops and guided visits to the Hydropower plant of Riva, in cooperation with Dolomiti Energia.

What’s for the dress code? Linen long tunic, panamas, chaplets, turbans…

The Firework show

Indeed, the climax of the Fairy Tale Night is always the firework show! The fireworks will light the Lake Garda up on Sunday September 1st at 22:00! Have you already decided where to stand or sit to watch them? Do you prefer to watch them from above or close to the water of the lake? Wherever you will be, take a pic and share it with us! Add the hashtag #gardatrentino and post it.

This three-day fabulous journey will tell our story, too. Don’t you feel a bit like Marianna, the Pearl of Labuan, or like Sandokan, the pirate in love?

Adults and children will get into the pages of Salgari’s adventures, in the mysterious and fascinating Eastern atmospheres to taste the sea in the air and hear the sounds of the jungle and the baby tigers of Malaysia fighting against Lord James’ soldiers.

Fairy Tale Night 2019, a dive into fantasy, into magic and fascination. A daydream in a perfect sublimation with the beauty of Riva del Garda and its most suggestive glimpses. Are you ready for it? Book now!

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