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5 things too good to miss in Arco

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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5 places you must visit in the wonderful setting of Arco, the Habsburg town.

Elegant buildings and Liberty villas, a lush park with rare trees, high mountains that frame the beautiful well-ordered alleys. And then, here it is, the castle, one of the most evocative medieval strongholds all over the pre-alpine area. Arco is much more than a lovely town, just a few steps from Lake Garda Trentino. Its beauty is characterized by an elegant balance of elements that all together reveal its very essence. A place where it is still possible to feel the fascination of the Habsburg splendors, as strongly as it was in the past. There are so many things to see in Arco! We have selected five of them, for a top 5 list you can’t definitely miss out!

  1. The Castle. We have already mentioned it, it’s impossible not to appreciate its beauty, not to visit it! Once dwelling of the d’Arco Earls during the Middle Ages, it has been dominating and characterizing the whole Garda Trentino area since those days. The footpath to the castle is amazing, wonderfully surrounded by centuries-old olive trees. Although many inner parts were destroyed, don’t miss the chance to visit the Sala degli Affreschi (Frescoes Room) with the precious representations of chess games and battles.

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  2. Arco Arboretum. In 1782, the Archduke Albert I of Germany built this lush park where strolling around is really pleasant, especially in spring when the numerous plants, some even rare, bring out their best, aided by the flower season. The huge overlooking sequoia will leave you jaw-dropping.

  3. San Paolo Retreat. You can barely see it under a rock ridge, as blended in. It is mentioned to be a marvellous example of holy art dating back to 1186. Beautiful frescoes are likely to be seen, among which a Last Supper replica and some scenes from Saint Paul’s life. You can visit the outer part whenever you want to, but you need to wait for the guided tours to go inside. (you can contact the info point in Arco for further information: +39.0464.532255)

  4. Sarca River Park. A 27-km-long unique and varied landscape. From a moon-like one to the lushest greenery. There are eighteen protected areas with different habitats that characterize this park, making it unique and rich in some important biodiversity. A suggestion? In summer it is fabolous to equip yourself with a beach towel and… stock up on melanin, listening to the relaxing sound of river Sarca!

  5. G. Segantini City Art Gallery. Not only natural beauties. Arco has a lot to offer also from an artistic point of view, especially thanks to Giovanni Segantini, who was born here. The Art Gallery is located inside the seventeenth-century Palazzo Panni, and gives you the chance to discover the area through the eyes of some artists influenced by Arco landscape beauties, and much more.

Events, exhibitions, Christmas markets, international fairs (remember Arco Bonsai), former sanatoriums (Arco was an important treatment town for lungs diseases!) in Liberty style, and amazing churches that prove the huge importance of Christianity around this area. Arco is well worthing more than a one-day visit, with your eyes wide open to get all its aspects. Our top 5 list won’t be enough, we are sure about that!

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