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5 Things to do on Valentine’s Day around Lake Garda Trentino

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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5 things you can't definitely miss out on the most romantic day of the year together with your sweetheart. On the Garda Trentino shores, of course.

Valentine’s day, the most romantic day of the year. The day when your man or woman turns out to be the centre of the universe (well, actually this should happen every day). The day when you carefully choose what to wear, where to eat out, what words to utter to strike his or her chords until making the heart vibrate like a Stradivari violin. But, above all, the 14th February is the day when you have to accurately choose what to do with your sweetheart. Got some ideas? We will give you 5 suggestions available exclusively here, on Garda Trentino shores.

  1. Watching the sunset towering the lake from the Bastione fortress or from Belvedere degli Innamorati – Ponale path. Two perfect romantic places to share a long passionate kiss! Or to make some promises looking at the sun grading the colour of its rays to a warm… love red! (The famous Ponale path will be closed for maintenance work till April 12, 2019 –see here)

  2. Candlelight dinner with lake view. Garda Trentino is packed with restaurants (link) overlooking the lake and that allow you to taste some delicacies gazing at the surrounding beauties. What better time to feed both heart and soul together with your soulmate.

5 Things to do on Valentine's Day around Lake Garda Trentino Most Popular Articles Tips Winter

  1. Spending a night in a wellness hotel. When the sun goes down, romanticism gets up, and so the location for the most romantic night in the year becomes dramatically important. Don’t be caught flat-footed, book a handy wellness hotel just a few steps from the lake. The night is long and… you live better once you have relaxed during the day!

  2. Castle tour. Arco Castle, the Rocca fortress in Riva del Garda, Penede Castle, some poetic historic sites par excellence, where spending Valentine’s day with your soulmate! Women fancy feeling like princesses or better, queens (at least for a night out!), so what better place than a stronghold? Garda Trentino is packed with them! And then, it is nicer to find them out together!

  3. On the poets’ footsteps. Goethe, Rilke, Kafka, there have been many poets/writers and painters who spent amazing days on the Garda Trentino shores, giving birth to their fabolous works inspired by the surrounding beauties. Reciting one of Goethe’s greatest poems looking into your sweetheart’s eyes, exactly on the shores of those pleasant places which were so precious for the famous poet, will impress her a lot. And if your memory leaves you speechless, you could just blame the excessive surrounding beauty that…took your breath away!

Perhaps the easiest and most natural thing to do on Valentine’s day with your sweetheart is kissing her deeply, lakefront. A kiss she will never forget. Maybe you won’t remember where you are while kissing her, but once you open your eyes, the magical view in front of you will treat you with the most romantic Valentine’s day of your whole life. Cupid could swear it!

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