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5 things to do on Lake Garda Trentino in spring

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
primavera sul lago di garda
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The cold weather makes way for some mild temperatures and sunny days: spring is in the air! And in Garda Trentino, the landscapes are even more evocative!

The spring air is about to peep out on the shores of Lake Garda Trentino. The great cold that has characterized the last few weeks makes way for milder temperatures and longer days. Watchword: in the open air! The pure white of the snow turns into strong green, the colour of the fields that start to bashfully grow after a long winter season!

The spring on Lake Garda Trentino offers its visitors all its beauty. Spring is not only a season, but rather a lifestyle. Here you have 5 great activities to take on on Lake Garda Trentino in spring, in homage to the awakening season, the lightest of year, that infuse us with some positive vibes! Admittedly, winter makes us a bit “grumpy”, but once the milder days are back, we really look forward to the pleasures of the good season: walks, events, markets, outdoor sports: let’s get into the spring mood! Let’s start with the suggestions:

1. In the saddle.
Spring marks the biking rhythm. It’s time to leave the car away and go back to our beloved bike! The multifarious cycle routes here in Garda Trentino allow us for a real two-wheeled immersion into the nature!

5 things to do on Lake Garda Trentino in spring Most Popular Articles Tips

@Patrizia N. Matteotti –Cycle routes here in Garda Trentino

2. Lemons & co.
Lake Garda is a land of lemons, everybody knows it! Its Mediterranean climate creates a rich soil for all the fruits needing some mild temperatures. In spring, watching the yellow colour of the lemons standing in contrast with the green leaves is quite a not-to-be-missed sight (not to mention the perfume!)
3. Water sports.
We are almost there, the lake is ready to welcome us again giving the opportunity to go on wonderful sailing, canoeing, and even windsurfing excursions, for the thrill-seekers. In spring, water sports are a must-do here on the lake!
4. Spring events.
But spring means also time for some not-to-be-missed events here in Garda Trentino. From Arco Bonsai and Arco Zen (for the more Eastern-ish enthusiasts) to Welcome Season (that is starting off the biking season), until the renowned Bike Festival! Passing through lots of other not-to-be-missed events, of course.
5. Markets.
Markets are a proper tradition here in Garda Trentino! In spring we are really willing to go for some new purchasing, and the big deal is just around the corner among flea markets, weekly markets or those dedicated to a special purchase. Let’s stroll out around markets and have fun smelling the perfumes and observing the colours!

These are only five pursuits to do on Lake Garda is spring, but many more are here, waiting for you.  Drinking some coffee in the open air, sipping a lake-view aperitif or going walking along one of the multifarious hiking paths or just lakefront, spring seems precisely to be the queen of Garda Trentino!

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