Easter is just round the corner. Spending Easter time on Lake Garda Trentino gets you the perfect chance to discover a place that gives its best during springtime, getting all the hints of mother nature!

Easter is also the period when, after a long cold winter, everybody has an overwhelming desire of staying in the open air, enjoying the first sunbeams warming your skin. Clean and frizzy aired woods, beaches getting ready for the summer with a crisp wind that ruffles your hair, challenging hiking trails that are less arduous in spring thanks to mild temperatures. There are a lot of activities you could find out (for the first time or again) during the Easter weekend. Here you have five suggestions you can’t definitely miss out!

  1. Easter lunch at Rifugio San Pietro. You piggy! I can almost hear you choosing for the place to eat a tasty festive lunch! If you’d like a typical meal, you could choose to spend the Easter lunch in a mountain hut! The walk into the woods before and after the meal will even cinch you to burn off some calories! More specifically, Rifugio San Pietro is within easy reach by a pleasant 10-minute walk, and offers a wonderful view on North Lake Garda. Here you could taste some genuine Trentino food, with traditional dishes that will leave you with a full belly and…. a gratified view!

  2. Pic-nicking on Easter Monday. A compulsive classic! The day trip on Easter Monday with your friends or family. There are stacks of places where spending Easter Monday around Garda Trentino. Here you have three of them, Lake Tenno as the first of all. A little body of emerald green freshwater, nestled in a lush nature within an easy reach walking up some stairs.

    A handy parking lot just above the stairs and near restaurants and bars make it the ultimate destination also for families with toddlers, for an Easter picnic surrounded by nature! If you like green lawns and castles, you can’t avoid spending your Easter Monday on the Prato della Lizza at the top of Arco castle. A proper lush “balcony” overlooking all the Garda Trentino area. Here, the little ones can play on the field while mum and dad enjoy the view eating their picnic. Lastly, a classic: go picnicking on the beach in Riva del Garda.

    5 things to do in Garda Trentino at Easter time. Tips

    A fabulous green lawn or massaging pebbles under your back, a bottle of good Trentino wine, some delicacies cooked with your own hands (well, actually there are many delectable eating facilities here around!!) and a nice foulard for the ladies! Why? Because the Ora, the Garda Trentino wind par excellence blows strongly in spring, and being the temperature not so warm, it could be too cold. Our suggestion is to wear some suitable clothes to enjoy the beach day at the outside.

  3. Ferry trip. A different and amazing way to visit Garda Trentino is… travelling by ferryboat! Hydrofoils, ferries and other boats are waiting for you equipped with bars, restaurants, lift and other amenities, for a trip out that will take you to both lake shores having a field day!

  4. Chocomusic. Choco- and music-aholic, be careful! Chocomusic gives you a perfect mix for an event held from the 94th to the 22th April 2019 in Riva del Garda, full of music, delicacies and lots of treats! Tasting, show cooking, chocolate classes and many other initiatives for a proper chocolate festival!

  5. River treasure with your family. Let’s end up with a nice walk along the River Sarca between Ceniga and Arco with all your family. You will pass over a Roman bridge, listen to the soft river sound caressing the stones, your eyes will peer at the San Paolo retreat nestled in the rocks, and you will perceive a sense of peacefulness and calmness growing inside you.

These are our five suggestions to spend Easter in Garda Trentino. Many other Itineraries are waiting for you, many strolls, outdoor sports, worth-visiting churches, restaurants where tasting local delicacies. And if the weather is not so good, don’t pay attention to it once in a lifetime.

Have you ever seen the lake changing its colour just before the rain? The stillness, the pouring rain that gently falls down on the newly green leaves after winter. And then, the sun immediately appears. Because here in Garda Trentino, the Mediterranean climate makes the good weather switch back in a while.

And once again you will feel the spring blossoming inside you like a flower.