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5 places worth-shooting in Garda Trentino

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
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Are you social addicted? A great pic (taken in Garda Trentino) stands out in your social media but your gaze will always be the first to enjoy this natural splendour. Here you have 5 top places to visit with your smartphone at hand and with the help of the expert: our photographer Jacopo Salvi.

Memories in just one shot. This is how the modern tourist’s life could be defined. Trips are characterized by the digital cameras or, for those who are less expert, by the smartphone. They turn into loyal travel companions, and give the chance to watch our memories on the phone or the laptop whenever we want to. Garda Trentino is one of the most beloved places to be captured with a picture. Its glimpses, its fairytale landscapes and the enchanted scenery of a sunrise or a sunset are the perfect setting for a picture that will be surely liked.

5 top worth-shooting places

There is a great number of spots in Garda Trentino that can be captured by a picture, as to create those photos that will make the most famous photographers green with envy. Great photographers as our Jacopo Salvi: thanks to his skills he provides us with exciting pictures that can be appreciated on our social media! We suggest you five top places to portray, and definitely not miss!

5 places worth-shooting in Garda Trentino Most Popular Articles Summer Tips

Punta Larici – Credits Jacopo Salvi

  1. Punta Larici. A lake-view “balcony”. Once there, one of Lake Garda‘s most beautiful landscapes opens up in front of your eyes. If you look north you can spot Torbole, while in the south you can see all over Lake Garda: this is a panoramic place that is worth visiting during the day but also at sundown, to take some night photos.

  2. Santa Barbara. A panorama that eliminates the strain. Looking from down here, it seems a bright small dot. Something like a star! Once on the top (it is pretty hard, we should admit it) the strain is paid back by an astounding view! From there, a super shot is totally guaranteed! A full view on Riva del Garda and all the northern part of the lake.

  3. The castle of Arco. The magnificent view from the medieval castle of Arco makes this destination one of the best to take some amazing pictures. The look opens up on the Sarca Valley and the surrounding lush mountains. In addition, some wonderful shots of the Prato della Lizza and of the ancient walls will be appreciated by your followers very much!

  4. Sant’Andrea church in Torbole. It is located precisely above Torbole, east of the village. The view from the church is superlative. The lake in all its splendour, and also the roofs and the coloured houses of Torbole. A real postcard to be captured with a beautiful shot!

  5. Monte Brione. One of the most fabulous glimpses on Lake Garda will be offered by an excursion on Monte Brione, an itinerary which is rich in history as well. This spot overlooks the mouth of Sarca River, the southern part of the lake, Arco and its castle in the north. This shot can’t be missed mainly at sunset, when the sky becomes red!

And our expert? What is he suggesting? With his mastery, Jacopo Salvi gives us some tips. The trick could be purchasing some apps that help you controlling the integrated camera. And with a basic knowledge of timing, diaphragms and ISO it is possible to capture beautiful sunsets, portraits, ample views and night photos.

Some advice for a perfect night shot? To take a small tripod with you, for some clear and precise shots! In addition to these technical details, Jacopo suggests us to trust our eyes and curiosity in choosing what to capture with a click.

And what about you? What would you suggest? What’s the spot in Garda Trentino par excellence, that is worth becoming eternal in a shot? Once you have found and captured it, don’t forget to use our hashtag #gardatrentino. Or also tag our profile! The best pictures will be picked out to be used on our social media as monthly cover photo!

Photo by Jacopo Salvi

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