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5 landmarks you can’t miss out in Riva del Garda

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
riva del garda
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5 magic sites to visit in Riva del Garda, the real Trentino gem of Italy's biggest lake.

Once the holidays are gone, the New Year’s Eve revelries and the last month food excesses are finished, we are slowly back to reality to appreciate the pleasure of daily life again. Discover (again) the surrounding beauties, the healthy effects that walking lakefront or jogging with our fury friend on one of the several Garda Trentino paths have on our body.

Or also, find out how magic is being pampered in a spa center, or practicing some winter sport. If you live in Garda Trentino, you can enjoy all these activities, and much more, whenever we want to. And what about you? Why don’t you come and visit some good magic places like Riva del Garda?

Here we are suggesting you 5 good reasons why visiting this amazing place (but there are many more, actually). 5 sights you can’t definitely miss out in Riva del Garda!

1- Inviolata Church. A proper building masterwork, a square outer and octagonal inner layout in the Baroque style. It was built in 1636 and inside it hosts several altarpieces and paintings, and also a tabernacle which is considered miraculous. Believing in miracles or not, the visit is worth a careful gaze.

2- Apponale Tower. If you don’t suffer from vertigo and love heights, just like me, you can’t miss out this historic site. 34-meter high, built in the 13th century to protect both harbour and square, the tower was enlarged in 1555. 165 steps will enable you to reach the peak. From here, you will enjoy a unique view that will make you feel like… quaint ladies and lords!

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ph credist Walter Sestili

3- Bastione. A proper distinctive mark of Riva del Garda! On Mount Rocchetta it is there to tower, the Bastione. Built at the beginning of the 16th century, shortly after the Venetian domination had ended, this fort was later destroyed by French troops, hence loosing its military function. Nowadays, a “jump” onto Bastione is quite compulsory for those who would like to live the emotion of visiting Riva del Garda at its fullest!

4- Morocco Quarter. Just few steps from the Rocchetta fortress, packed with narrow arduous alleys, everything here smells of history and past times. Of rural life. Anyway, there is also room for elegance: on the upper square you can admire the Bishop Palace, and also the old washtub an a votive candle dedicated to Saint Roch. It’s a real “hidden treasure”. This medieval hamlet made up from stones and rocks of the ancient walls of Riva is really worthing a close gaze.

5. Varone waterfalls. Opened to the public in 1874, the stunning waterfall is formed by the underground leakage of the amazing shimmering Lake Tenno.

You can get to the upper grotto, main observation point for the waterfall, walking into a 15-meter tunnel. Here the view in front of you is unique: nuked water and pounding noise will make you feel in deep contact with nature! The lower grotto is intended to make you understand the erosion process of the calcareous rocks in the last 20.000 years, instead. The park and the botanical garden can’t be missed out as well.

These are the 5 things you could enjoy while visiting Riva del Garda. Why don’t you come and find out all the others?

He who wonders discovers that this in itself is wonder.

(Maurits Escher)

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