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5 excellent reasons why visiting Garda Trentino in winter

by Isabelle Yrma Pace
5 excellent reasons why visiting Garda Trentino in winter
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5 excellent reasons why visiting Garda Trentino during cold months moving from Christmas markets to snowed mountain peaks that embellish the landscape.

Autumn has almost gone, here we have given you 5 good (excellent!) reasons why visiting Lake Garda during this season and its amazing golden landscapes. The autumn foliage, that spontaneous phenomenon that affects some deciduous trees by which they take on various shades of green, yellow and orange, is replaced by leafless but poignant branches in winter.

Naked, without its “clothes”, the greenery seems to create a gloomy atmosphere that takes a greater emotional “tension” having the lake waters as its background. Not only summer though; also winter lives a unique magic in Garda Trentino, and we will give you 5 excellent reasons why visiting it during these cold months!

  1. Drink some mulled wine. Where? At the Christmas markets in Arco and Canale di Tenno, clearly! The cold is bitter and so, what better time to warm up with a good glass of fragrant and aromatic glühwein than around the Christmas markets? The shimmering warm Christmas lights will appear even more magical after a few glasses of mulled wine, and the cold will disappear in a trice! Trying is believing!

  2. Green broccoli from Torbole. Winter is also the season that gives us that, the son of the wind. This vegetable, presided over by Slow Food, is the real protagonist on the tables of those many local restauranteurs who recommend it in different mouth-watering dishes! Ready to taste it?

  3. Wellness & co. We have already talked about that. What better excuse than cold and rain to enjoy the wellness facilities in Garda Trentino? A relaxing massage, a scrub before the sauna or just a swim in a warm swimming pool. What if the landscape was snowed as well? I bet you wouldn’t absolutely leave anymore!

    5 excellent reasons why visiting Garda Trentino in winter Tips Winter

  4. Moonlight snowshoeing up to Mount Altissimo. Once the night falls and the moon is full, its light becomes more intense reflecting on the white snow. The enchanted landscape will make you live a magic you will keep in your heart for a long time. With snowshoes or just walking, the night is made to live, not sleep! And if you are not that much romantic, you could just take the chance to make some snowballs and throw them to your best friend! I’m not sure this will be appreciated, but laughing is good for your heart, you know!

  5. New Year’s Dive. Do you fancy challenges? Are you brave enough? As it happens every year, a group of plucky cold enthusiasts will dive into the icy Lake Garda waters from Riva harbour to celebrate the new year. If you like unusual celebrations, a wishing-well dive is perfect for you!

Actually, there would be many more good (excellent) reasons why visiting Garda Trentino in winter! Would you like to try them out? In the meanwhile, I’ll taste one of the winter menus recommended by the local restauranteurs; after all, the old excuse that says in winter it’s possible to burn off more calories, is still valid!

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